Tips for Paris

So last weekend I was in Paris, and here are some things I would really recommend to go to.

-  Le marche Saint-German (yes, I remembered the name haha). Really nice market with all sorts of fruits and vegetables, fish, meat and it's got a very nice boulangerie. It's at Rue Lobineau, number 4.

- Galeries Lafayette, ofcourse. It's a beautiful department store where you've got many luxury brands. It's at the Boulevard Haussmann 40.

- Angelina; they've got the best hot chocolate of whole Paris (I agree!), and it also seems that the Mont Blanc pastry is very nice (I haven't tasted it though). Don't go here in the afternoon, it's really busy then. The best is to go there to have breakfast, then there's almost nobody. It's on Rue de Rivoli, number 226.

- Laduree. This is the original macaron-maker. And I've tasted them, and yes, they are really delicious. Also here my advise is; go here in the morning. In the afternoon it's really busy and the waiting lines can go up to around 50 people! You've got a few of them in Paris, but the first one is at Rue Bonaparte, number 21. The others are at Avenue des Champs Elysees, number 75. Rue Lincoln, number 13. Rue Royale, number 16. And you've got one in the department store Pintemps, the address is Boulevard Haussmann, number 62.

- The first Chanel-shop. Although it isn't that spectacular, it's just nice to say 'I've been at the first Chanel shop' haha. It's very near to Angelina, so if you're there, take a look ;) The address is Rue Cambon, number 31.

- Only one or two streets further, you'll find Colette, a very nice department store with many upcoming designers. Not really affordable, but really nice to just have a look. You'll find it at Rue Saint-Honore 213.

- Very near is Jay Ahr, the shop for the best dresses. It's also unaffordable (well, for me haha), but really nice for inspiration and it has got a wonderful shop window. The address is Rue du 29 Juillet, number 2/4.

- For the nicest scented candles, you go to Diptyque. It's got his own shop at Boulevard Saint Germain number 34, but you can also find it in Galeries Lafayette, on the first floor.

- When you want to impress somebody at home with your cooking, go to Le Bon Marche. It's a really nice and big supermarche, but with only the best quality and very special products. For example all kinds of pasta, from little cars to people to multicoloured. You can find it at Rue de Sevres, number 24.

- When you're hungry after a day in Paris, you can go to Pizza Marzano. They've got a very fast service, so if you're in a hurry that's no problem. They've got two restaurants in Paris; one on Boulevard des Italiens, number 30 and one on Place St. Michel, number 2

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