My grandparents photobooks

So today I was visiting my grandparents, and because I was a little bored, I decided to do a little inspiration post about their house (and especially their photobooks). But there were so many photobooks, and I also wanted you guys to show you the rest of the house, so I decided that I'll do at least two or tree posts about my grandparents house.
In this post you'll see some photo's from my (great-)grandparents photobooks. They are from the late 30's.
 I have no idea if all these pictures are my family/friends, and I can't ask my grantparents (they passed away a few years ago). I think the picture above is from the Dutch royal house.
I love how elegant these women look, and ofcourse the beautiful oldtimer.

The Marilyn Album

Yesterday I bought this amazing book on a flea market; The Marilyn Album. It's got great pictures of Marilyn Monroe, and not only when she famous, also cute pictures from when she was younger! Below some of my favourite pictures.

Gisteren heb ik een geweldig boek gekocht op een rommelmarkt; The Marilyn Album. Het heeft geweldige fotos van Marilyn Monroe, en niet alleen van toen ze beroemd was, maar ook van toen ze jonger was! Hieronder mijn favoriete foto's.

On the shoulder

De laatste tijd zie ik een heleboel bloggers die hun jas op hun schouders dragen, en hier is wat inspiratie hoe je het kan dragen.

Lately I saw a lot of bloggers wearing their coat on their shoulders, so here is some inspiration how to wear it.

First picture from after DRK
Other pictures from Stockholm Street Style