What do they pack?

Hi guys! I'm so sorry for not posting, school is literally killing me. Yesterday I came across this article on vogue.com and it inspired me so much, I just had to share it with you guys!
Packing list from Jenne Lombardo. I absolutely love her bikini, it's from Lisa Marie Fernandez
Packing list from Ruby Aldridge. So jealous because of her perfect festival bag!
Packing list from Valerie Boster. I'm a surfer too (only for fun), and I'm sure she will look stunning on this board!

Black vs White

Just some random black and white inspiration. I always like black and white photo's better than colour photos. They give me the idea that I can travel back in time haha.

Coco Sumner

Coco on stage
Robyn and Coco
Frontrow at Felder Felder s/s 11

For me, Coco really is my style icon. She's got a very easy, kind of boyish style, which perfectly fits my busy school days, where high heals or uncomfortable clothing are out of the question. Her style also has got a little bohemian touch.

And the good thing is, she doesn't only looks good, she also sounds good! You should definitly check her out, especially her songs Selfmachine, In Spirit Golden and her song with Robyn, Ceasar.


New dress from C&A, blouse is from H&M, belt from PAUW

Documentary about Valentijn

While I was just surfing the web, I came across this documentary about Valentijn de Hingh, the model from the last post. Oh, and unfortunately it's in Dutch, not even (English) subtitles..

Currently reading

I really like the last picture. The model is Valentijn de Hingh, and she intrigues me, maybe because she is transgendered..? Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures btw!

First picture from Harper's Bazaar, second picture from L'Officiel NL.

Bought in Paris

Mmmmm, macarons from Laduree.

My new ring and necklace are vintage. The jewelry pouch is from Fragonard (original a perfume-maker).

My new shawl from Galeries Lafayette and denim blouse from Primark.

My new leather jacket.